Open 7 Days a Week


   Weekdays open at 11:30 Saturday and Sunday open at noon.

Kelli and Team have created a delightful patio/tropical bar atmosphere overlooking the historic Presqu'ile Bay.

In 1840, a lighthouse was completed at Presqu'ile Point. The designer of the 69-foot, octagonal structure was Nichol Hugh Baird. The lighthouse, which is situated at the eastern most point of the peninsula, was built in 1840. For the most part the lighthouse remains unchanged and has become the second oldest lighthouse along the shores of Lake Ontario

Water craft of all description moor at Presqu'ile Landing. The Presqu’ile Yacht Club in Gosport is considered one of the most scenic, tranquil and friendliest clubs on Lake Ontario.

Full family dining in a friendly, casual atmosphere. We offer a variety of items from steaks, fresh seafoods, pasta,rotisserie chicken, ribs, wings, burgers and salad. Exciting dinner features by our creative chefs.

The park's location on Lake Ontario makes it a perfect stop over for migrating birds along the Michigan Flyway. For this reason is it also an important location for viewing migrating birds and Monarch butterflies.

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